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An interesting link talking about the perception of unified self that every singlet has, and even people within multiple systems have. This article describes one division that is obviously there. It kind of puts a first crack in the idea of a holistic, singular self.

I’ve read this article before, and it’s an interesting one.  Something to think about if you’re questioning, or even if you’re not and want a different perspective on our sense of selves.

-Anshin (Scorpii)

Nope, 100% pure bullshit.

Everything in life has three or four different answers; since when is the troll community the decider of what’s correct?  No article is 100% correct; and hey i’m actually playing devils advocate here; no article or research is 100% correct.

It’s how you interpret it.

Just my quarter of a dollar XD

You’re 28 but you literally act like you’re 14. You may call it “fun” or “a different answer”; the rest of us call it “pathetic”.

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tw theft of free will


ok since a lot of you dont seem to get it i’ll explain a little more. basically i cannot do anything at all, i cannot control my own body, i cant talk, i cant even blink. the yeerk does it all for me. if i’m really really desperate i can seize contorl back for a little bit but he always wins out in the end. however i have figured out that he is letting me use tumblr because no one believes me and he thinks its funny to wtach me struggle like this. im going to keep trying tho because maybe someday someone might believe me.

he can stop me using tumblr at any time if he thinks its a problem. so far he has stopped me from posting my real name, address, phone numebr, also his name, because hes afraid some of his superiors might be reaidng this & hed get in troubl for letitn g me do this.

oi cant go to the doctor or my teachers for help because one he wont let me and two theyre all yerks too. i cant try teaching mhim religion because he already knows everything about it and he thinks its bullshit abd besides im a wiccan.

i know a lot of u think im bullshitting, even you “multiples” who claim to have a bunch of “headfiends” running around in ur head. why is what you say valid but now ahat i say?

thats basicly all for now. idk what else to say here.

If you’re really serious with this, then I think you’re full of shit, sry2say. But you’re no less valid than any of these “multiple systems” going around. So it’s pretty telling that they’re calling you a troll.


WARNINGS: nonconsent culture, bystander consent issues, intersections of queer and trans* hate and bystander consent, extreme anxiety, triggeredness, sexualism, my privileges and fuckups, boundaries stuff

shit i’m bad at warnings

i’m not even sure how to explain but this response to me (warning: this link goes to a page where there are animated gifs in the sidebar) is really triggering me back to all of that stuff that happened then in the beginning with A and bystander consent and how ze didn’t respect me then and well these things well i will never get over that and why the fuck would you assume i’m NOT triggered and what the fuck and i just

(maybe i am making this up)

(and fuck it no no. no. no. no. no. no)

i just, no, this is too many thoughts and i feel like this is a very western and western-justifying attitude to have (oh my god how can you be so against KISSING in public and this is what i used to try to convince others of too and i hate that i fucking HATE that i disrespected others like this and i hate that i also monolithized everything about my heritage in doing so and i STILL do not have the language for this and i probably never will because oh right that’s just how it is being a person of colour, right, okay then. /sarcasm. i have complicated feelings about this but it is still ugh)

and i just, too many things i ignored too, too many things. i just, i can’t,

i don’t know and frankly this is all very sexualist and to just completely derail someone who’s asexual talking about sexual and nonconsent culture and how fucked up it is is rather fucked up

and privacy is one thing but those things— constantly acting as though it is totally justified to make out in front of your friends without their consent, to

ugh i am guilty of these things too and i wish i wasn’t ugh i don’t know i just i feel like that whole argument- ha, “argument”- with A is happening all over again like those fucking emails i could fucking look them up and the same things and i had to “argue” these things had to argue that i felt disrespected and pressured and yes that does affect shit (and i love her and everything but that doesn’t mean fuckups go away and things are good with us precisely because we pay attention to this and things at least i hope so)

and the whole concept of “devil’s advocate” — ugh, no. i mean i get that you’re marginalized in those respects but— please, no.

i just. bystander consent is important. i mean really

i just i mean yeah i worry because like yeah i’m privileged i’m a cis person talking about this so like yeah

but i do not like this rationale

i like this response and i want to expand

but i’m just ugh severely upset i hate this entire post so much nothing makes sense and it’s all just i can’t even like i don’t know

does anyone have the spoons and want to help

"Bystander consent"? Are you fucking serious?

The initial post does describe some pretty shitty behavior, but that’s all it is. Shitty behavior. It’s not flaunting of privilege, it’s one person’s friends being assholes. There is nothing inherently bad about kissing in public and no one should have to take into account whether someone nearby may be a special snowflake who is offended by such things. And if you’re going to go into “bystander consent” then all of a sudden conservative groups talking about queer people kissing and holding hands in public suddenly have a valid argument.

Lastly, don’t fucking appropriate the spoons concept just because you’re annoyed or upset at something. It has a specific meaning and it does not fucking apply here.

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Okay, I get that fucknoyeerks is a parody, but that’s because I’m not a doofus. Why are so many multiples denouncing zir? How is what zie’s saying any more ridiculous than “I have a bunch of fictional characters in my head”? Are you all just butthurt that zie doesn’t believe in your imaginary friends?


[Image is Singlet Stingray against a mustard and brown background. Top text says, “You have intelligent non-humans in your head? And you’re romantically interested in them?” Bottom text says, “Bestiality!” with extra exclamation points for effect.]

I like how this is supposed to be sarcastic.


Seriously? You thought you would “take it up”? Wow. Let me know how faking it works out for you.

How’s it working out for you?


Seriously? You thought you would “take it up”? Wow. Let me know how faking it works out for you.

How’s it working out for you?

Anonymous said: They don't post submissions. I submitted one (instance/8453855 on memegenerator) and it never went up. I do RP my headmates on Livejournal, they know about it and are okay with it.

Uh… okay then.

Anonymous said: I have to say that I disagree with the assertion that they do not post submissions. I say this as someone with insider information as to the true source of the "I absorbed the entire cast of Glee" macro. If you know what I mean.

Hmm. Do you think the anon who reported that they don’t post submissions was making it up?


Image is Multiple Manta against a blue and teal pinwheel background. Top text says, “Prove you're multiple!” Bottom text says, “Prove we're not

[image description moved into alt text for accessibility]

Multiple Manta image. Top text says, 'Prove we're not making this up.'  Bottom text says, 'Right after you prove Russell's Teapot doesn't exist.'



You heard the manta! Go submit things for them to post!

Anonymous said: My mother has DID and it led to me being emotionally abused and neglected after my father left me with her, and I 100% support your blog. I really wish people would understand how fucking offensive their 'headmate' bullshit is. DID is an gd illness not a brainparty.

This isn't a question, but it is a huge thumbs up for you.

I’m so sorry that happened to you, Anon. I hope you’re doing well now.

Anonymous said: you are are a judgemental son of a bithc who are you to jugde people who
choose to live the multiple life s5yle youre not them you dont know what
theyve been through it makes me so sad to see a pathetic dickless weener
like you wasting youre energy putting down other people you make me sick
multiple people make a diffence standing up for what they believe they dont
need cock suckers like you putting them down!!! eat shit and die!!!

Wow, what the fuck is wrong with being dickless? Go back to the hole you crawled out of, you misogynistic transphobe.

Also I do not appreciate you mocking the coprophagic lifestyle.

For mocking the luls that are Internet Multiples, aka people who heard about Dissociative Identity Disorder and thought it'd be totally kewlsies to have the entire cast of Inception living in their head.

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